Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A day to remember...2/28/12

Today was the day...Eiley rolled over from her back to her belly. We are working on getting a video of it posted...it is so cute! Of course, I'm not partial or anything...lol.

So exciting!

- Em

PS - My Mom knitted the cute pink sweater that Eiley is wearing in this photo. She's got mad knitting skills.


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  2. Yay Eiley!!! :)
    Emily, i just wanted to take the chance to thank you for and your family's heart for orphans and adoption. God used your family's story and your father's music to touch my heart back in high school about adoption. I knew at that concert that someday, God would somehow use adoption in my life. Fast forward 9 years, and my sweet hubby and I adopted a 2 month-old baby girl! she is the LIGHT of our lives, and i thank God every day for the way you and your family's story touched my heart.
    Your sweet baby girl is so adorable! Our Hannah Grace is 2 years old now and it seems JUST like yesterday she was Eiley's age :) EACH milestone is amazing!!!
    God bless!

  3. Way to go Eiley!! <3 love the sweater your mom made her so pretty!

  4. That Is SOO Cute impressed that your mom made that=D with the schedule she has with ur father=D She so cute=D