Saturday, 3 March 2012

A St. Patrick's Day Surprise...

This is just our little secret . . . Eiley doesn't know yet, but Mom and Dad ordered her a new baby doll as a gift in celebration of her first St. Patrick's Day. As you may be able to tell in the photos, as of now her hair is a wee bit ginger. So, I have been wanting to purchase for her a baby doll with red hair. I don't know if her hair colour will stay that way (I hope it does), but for now she is slightly ginger and therefore needs a ginger doll, right? She has one other doll from Mamas and Papas that my Mom bought her, and she loves it because it also has a chime that rings when you play with it. I think she will love it . . . what do you think?

- Em


  1. I love it. . .and you'll probably have it forever!

  2. That doll will be a favorite. At least it looks that way. : )